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In 2019 the Kazman Foundation for Charitable Giving raised $47,000 in donations for the following charities:

Active Living for Life Program

The Active Living for Life program focuses on building healthy lifestyles for people who have chronic kidney disease and are looking to improve their personal fitness levels. The program allows people to become more active and have more energy to do the things they love! Kidney-friendly exercise classes are offered, combined with discussions, ideas, and daily activities to help make healthy choices. 


The program consists of two one-hour classes per week. The first week provides an introduction to the program including meeting fellow classmates and instructors, individual evaluations, and an introduction to the exercise programs. The program focuses on different aspects of fitness targeting stability, injury prevention, posture, muscular strength, and flexibility. The cardio component is individual; however, support is provided to you throughout the program to assist with increasing your cardio activity using a pedometer. 


The mission of the program is to: 


• Provide you with various tools to help lead an active lifestyle in a safe and comfortable environment 


• Provide support to help you overcome barriers that have stopped you from enjoying physical activity 


• Help you find ways of becoming more active in your community

William Osler Health System​ - Brampton Civic Hospital

The Kazman foundation helped support the Kidney Care Unit at the Brampton Civic Hospital, by purchasing a FUJIFILM SonoSite Point of Care Visualization Tool (SII) for the department. The SII’s clear ultrasound imaging and simple controls allow clinicians to simply and quickly adjust depth and gain settings to locate accessible locations for guided venipuncture and arterial access. For patients with challenging vascular conditions, such as those on dialysis, the SII can offer ultrasound guidance for peripheral IV (PIV) placement, often mitigating the need for central venous catheter placement in patients whose venous access is otherwise impeded. 

The Kazman Foundation has already purchased a second machine for the unit in 2020, and aims to purchase at least one SII machine per year moving forward.

The Kazman Foundation has also purchased equipment to support the Pediatric Unit at the Brampton Civic Hospital.

The Foundation has purchased three Bili Blankets to date for the Pediatric ward. Bili Blankets provide phototherapy light treatment for newborn babies who experience jaundice. The Bili Blanket allows for the mother to continue to care for her baby and feed them without isolation. Bili Blankets are not covered by ministry funding, the cost for each blanket is approximately $5,500.

Kidney Foundation of Canada 

For the past decade the Kazman Foundation has helped support Kidney of Foundation Canada events and programs, to include the annual Kidney Walk in Brampton and Dialysis Camps.

"We would like to thank the amazing Kazman Foundation for its generous gifts of TV remotes, bolster pillows and lanyards. The patients and staff are overwhelmed by your kindness. Your thoughtfulness will be forever remembered."


- The Kidney Unit, William Osler Health System

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